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Reusable address template

The address template is used to display addresses in a more flexible way.

  • EshopBundle\Resources\views\parts\address.html.twig
  • EshopBundle\Resources\views\parts\address.txt.twig

To override the template inside a project, create templates inside your project bundle that follow the same structure and have the same name.


Parameter Description
address Address to be displayed. Must be type of Party object (e.g. buyerAddress)
class Class used for styling (e.g. styled_list)
displayEmail If set to true, the email address is displayed in template. Default value is true.
displayPhone If set to true, the phone number is displayed in template. Default value is true.
raw If set to true, the template is displayed without formatting. If set to false the template is displayed in an unordered list. Default value is false.


{{ include('SilversolutionsEshopBundle:parts:address.html.twig', {'class' : 'styled_list', 'address' : buyerAddress, 'displayEmail' : false, 'displayPhone' : false}) }}

{{ include('SilversolutionsEshopBundle:parts:address.html.twig', {'address' : address, 'displayEmail' : false, 'displayPhone' : false, 'raw' : true}) }}

{{ include('SilversolutionsEshopBundle:parts:address.txt.twig', {'address' : deliveryAddress, 'displayEmail' : false}) }}