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Required crontab tasks

Remove the translation and navigation caches

The shop collects changes regarding translations (textmodules) and navigation. If there are changes (e.g. performed in the backend) the cache will be refreshed.

# Checks for changes and refresh cache
*/5 * * * * cd '/var/www/my_project' && /usr/bin/php bin/console silversolutions:cache:refresh --env=prod

Send lost orders to the ERP

Lost orders can be re-sent using a command-line tool. We recommend running this tool e.g. every 5 minutes.

# resends lost orders every 5 minutes
*/5 * * * * cd '/var/www/my_project' && /usr/bin/php bin/console silversolutions:lostorder:process --env=prod

Use job-queue-system

See JMSJobQueueBundle documentation for more information

If you can't use the suggested supervisord configuration, you can set up a cron job.

Calculate statistical data for active sessions

The dashboard uses statistical data about sessions recorded in a database table. This command line will refresh the data every 5 minutes.


This feature is available only if sessions are handled in the database.

*/5 * * * * cd /var/www/my_project &&  /usr/bin/php bin/console silversolutions:sessions write_stat --env=prod