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Content management


eZ Commerce offers a built-in Product Content Type.

Any content of this type can be automatically used for all shop functionalities, such as adding to basket, price calculation and ordering, and can be embedded on the front end with quick ordering buttons.

A Product contains the following Fields:

Name Identifier Type Description
Productname ses_name ezstring Main name of the product. Used to create the URL
Product type ses_type ezselection
SKU ses_sku ezstring Unique Stock keeping unit
Subtitle ses_subtitle ezstring Additional product name
Short description ses_short_description ezrichtext Short product description
Long description ses_long_description ezrichtext Long product description
Specifications ses_specifications sesspecificationstype A set of product specification values. They are indexed in the search engine and can be used for faceted search
EAN ses_ean ezstring European Article Number
Variants ses_variants uivarvarianttype Product variants
Manufacturer SKU ses_manufacturer_sku ezstring SKU of the product as assigned by the manufacturer
Unit price ses_unit_price ezstring Product price
Product image ses_image_main ezimage Main product image
Manufacturer ses_manufacturer ezstring Manufacturer name
Color ses_color ezstring Product color
Technical specification ses_specification eztext Technical product description
Video ses_video ezstring Link to a product video
Add. Product image 1-4 ses_image_1 ezimage Up to four additional images
Currency ses_currency ezstring Default product currency
VAT Code ses_vat_code sesselection One of predefined VAT rates
Product Type ses_product_type ezstring Product type used for grouping products in comparison
Packaging unit ses_packaging_unit ezstring Product packaging unit
Min order quantity ses_min_order_quantity ezstring Minimum quantity that can be ordered
Max order quantity ses_max_order_quantity ezstring Maximum quantity that can be ordered
Unit ses_unit ezstring Product unit
Stock numeric ses_stock_numeric ezstring
Discontinued ses_discontinued ezboolean Flag to indicate if the product is discontinued
Tags tags ezkeyword Product keywords

Custom product Content Type

Ez5CatalogDataProvider defines which Content Type is treated as products and which Field in Product Content items is treated as SKU:


If you replace the built-in product with a custom Content Type, you need to replace these constants.

You also need to configure the Content Type to be treated as createOrderableProductNode:

parameters.silver_eshop.default.catalog_factory.<content_type_identifier>: createOrderableProductNode

Product variants

A product can have different variants, corresponding for example to different colors or sizes.

You can select and preview variants on the product's page. Variants can have one or two levels. When you choose a first attribute, the shop narrows down the options for the second level.

Product detail

Product type

A product type represents a collection of very similar products that differ only in some characteristics. It is used to show a list of products in a tabular way, every product can be added to the basket directly from the overview page.