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Web.Connector configuration

General parameters

    siso_erp.default.web_connector.service_location: ""
    siso_erp.default.web_connector.username: admin
    siso_erp.default.web_connector.password: passwo
    siso_erp.default.web_connector.soapTimeout: 5
    siso_erp.default.web_connector.erpTimeout: 5
    siso_erp.default.web_connector.allow_self_signed_ssl: true


Check the configuration for the Web.Connector URL in the Back Office (Configuration settings) as well. The Back Office settings will set the default setting and may override the settings.

siso_erp.default.web_connector.url - the service location defines the remote service URL of the Web.Connector. siso_erp.default.web_connector.username - defines the user name for Web.Connector siso_erp.default.web_connector.password - defines the password for Web.Connector siso_erp.default.web_connector.soapTimeout - defines the SOAP timeout. siso_erp.default.web_connector.erpTimeout - defines the timeout for ERP. siso_erp.default.web_connector.allow_self_signed_ssl - defines for SOAP request if a self-signed SSL certificate is allowed.

Check ERP status

If a message to the ERP system fails the shop will send a test message to the ERP in order to check

  • if it is a general issue and the ERP is offline or
  • if just this one message failed

If it is a general error the shop sets the ERP connection to offline. All requests after setting the connection to offline are not be sent to the ERP and are immediately handled as an error.

This parameter sets the ERP offline for 60 seconds before another request is sent.

siso_erp.erp_semaphore.max_lock_time: 60

The status is stored in stash using the key defined in siso_erp.erp_semaphore.stash_item_id.

Configuration for Web.Connector installation

The Web.Connector supports the mapping of simple XML messages from one (source) structure to another (target) structure. The rules for that mapping are defined in XSL files in a configurable directory (mapping/nav_nas is currently default). This configured directory must contain two subdirectories: xslbase and xsl. The base mapping rules are delivered in the xslbase directory. Variations from the base mapping can be overridden in the xsl directory (files must have the same name).

This mapping defines the translation of the UBL-based message to the format used by the ERP system.

In order to activate this mapping in the Web.Connector, set up the corresponding configuration file:

$cfg->setSetting('Mapping', 'XsltPathOffset', 'mapping/noop/');