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Lost orders

Sending lost orders from Backend

If sending of an order to ERP fails, the order is stored in a database with a special state ordered_failed. You can find lost order in the Back office tab eCommerce/Order Management. Filter by Order failed.

There are several actions, that can be executed with lost orders:

Action Description Result
transfer to ERP the lost order is resent to ERP The user sees an error or success message depending whether the lost order could be resent to ERP or not. If the sending the lost order failed, the administrator gets an email. If sending of lost order was successful, the customer who made this order gets a confirmation email
remove lost order The lost order is not removed, the state of lost order is changed to confirmed The lost order does not appear in the list anymore

Technical implementation


Siso\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\Service\LostOrderService (service ID siso_checkout.lost_order_service) is responsible for handling all lost order features.

Service methods:

Method Description Parameters Peturns
`createFailedOrderList()`` creates a list of lost orders Basket[]


The LostOrderController controller handles all lost order actions

Action Parameters Description Policy
processLostOrderAction() $basketId Send the lost order to ERP siso_policy/lostorder_process
deleteLostOrderAction() $basketId Set the state of lost order to confirmed siso_policy/lostorder_process

Email notifications

Every time an order cannot be placed, the shop administrator gets an email. The email can be defined in the configuration:

        lostOrderEmailReceiver: %ses_eshop.lostorder_email%

Example email about a lost order

Templates are located in:


Lost order command

You can also resend lost orders using a command-line tool:

php bin/console silversolutions:lostorder:process [id]


The command sends the lost order in the same way as through the PHP code. If the sending of lost order fails, the administrator gets an email. If the sending was successful, the customer who made the order gets confirmation email.

In the context of the command-line tool there is no request. Because of this no images embedded in email will be sent because it is not possible to generate the image path.


To use the CLI the host must be set, otherwise the URLs and assets are not correct.

parameters: localhost