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Failed order process

For usability reasons, it is not advisable to let the whole checkout fail if the communication to the ERP system is not working correctly. When the submission of an order to the ERP system fails, the order must be stored for a later retry.

The OrderFailedEvent

The Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Event\Erp\OrderFailedEvent event (event ID siso_erp.order_failed) is dispatched by WebConnectorErpService if an error occurs during the communication with the remote ERP system. It should also be dispatched by other implementations of AbstractErpService under similar circumstances.


If the class attribute $maxCount is not set or null, listeners for this event ignore the maximum number of retries for failed / lost orders.

The order is submitted again (for back-end manipulation of orders).


The Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Services\ErpErrorServiceInterface interface declares the processFailedOrder() method which is intended to process failed orders.

Standard implementation

The Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Services\StandardErpErrorService interface (service ID siso_erp.erp_error_service) is only implemented in an event listener. This listener is subscribed to OrderFailedEvent and set up with the highest priority.


As this service provides some crucial information to the basket object (as ERP error message and fail counter) it should have the highest priority in all setups.

The standard implementation uses the basket states in order to realize the queue of failed orders. Orders with the state ordered_failed are considered to be queued.

The number of failed tries is stored in the basket's $erpFailCounter attribute. The maximum allowed number of tries is configured using siso_checkout.default.max_failed_order.

Only basket objects with the states payed and ordered_failed are expected to be transmitted as order and can be processed as a failed order. If the given basket object has a different state, a RuntimeException is thrown.


If an order failed, an administrator is informed about it by sending an e-mail. For that purpose the Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\EventListener\Erp\OrderFailedNotifyListener (service ID siso_eshop.order_failed_listener) listener exists for the siso_erp.order_failed event. This listener has a lower priority than StandardErpErrorService, which ensures that the ERP error message is already set in the basket (given by the event object).

The following container parameters are passed to the service:

  • ses_swiftmailer
  • siso_eshop.order_failed.subject

The mailReceiver subelement under ses_swiftmailer is used as the recipient for the notification.