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Indexing eContent data

If eZ Commerce is configured to use eContent as data provider, the following things have to be taken into consideration when indexing.

Default indexing

eContent data can be indexed by executing the following command:

php bin/console silversolutions:indexecontent

eContent Solr configuration uses two cores to keep search services available while indexing. This means that the indexer indexes eContent data in a back core, and then the indexer can be executed again with a swap parameter to swap the cores.

Indexer options Results
-c 5000 -r --siteaccess=import -c specifies the chunk size (how many elements are indexed at a same time).
-r deletes all previous eContent data.
Important: the parameter siteaccess=import informs the indexer to take the product data from the temporary tables.
--live-core Indexes directly on the live core (and not on the back core).
If you use -r and --live-core, the delete operation takes place before starting the indexer, so the full indexed content will not be available while indexing.
swap Does not index, but swaps the cores instead.

Additional parameters

siso_search.default.index_econtent_languages: [ ger-DE, eng-GB ] Specifies the languages to index.
siso_search.default.solr_spellcheck: true Enables or disables Solr spellcheck (aka "Did you mean?" functionality)
siso_search.default.index_facet_fields: Solr string fields are lowercased, therefore this configuration is used to specify an additional Solr _id field.
ID fields are not lowercased, which results in facets that can preserve their original case.
Field names must be specified without the _s suffix.

Custom indexing using plugins

eContent indexer also supports a plugin architecture for adding additional logic to the indexing process.

The plugin can index price ranges. Given a product price, it creates a range index based on that price. For example, for the price of $150, the output can be 100-200.

In order to work the plugins must implement the EcontentIndexerPluginInterface interface.

For more information, see Custom indexer plugin for eContent