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eContent API

eContent provides a flexible way to define project-specific attributes for products and categories (and other product-related types of data).

eZ Commerce requires that some of the attributes use predefined identifiers.


Identifier Type Description Standard mapping Stored in
ses_name ezstring The name of the category data_text
code ezstring A unique ID for the category
text ezstring Longer text for the category catalogElement.text data_text


Identifier Type Description Standard mapping Stored in
ses_name ezstring The name of the product data_text
ses_sku ezstring The unique SKU catalogElement.sku data_text
ses_subtitle ezstring The subtitle used in product listing pages catalogElement.text and catalogElement.subtitle
catalogElement.text will be replaced by the new subtitle attribute in the future
ses_short_description ezstring A short description catalogElement.shortDescription data_text
ses_long_description ezstring catalogElement.longDescription data_text
ses_unit_price ezprice A list price for the product in the default currency catalogElement.price data_float
ses_vat_code ezstring catalogElement.vatCode data_text
ses_unit ezstring The unit of the product catalogElement.unit data_text
`ses_image_main ezstring A relative path to the main image catalogElement.mainImage data_text
ses_specification ezstring A JSON-formatted set of data that contains grouped specifications catalogElement.specifications data_text

Data for variant products:

Identifier Type Description Standard mapping Stored in
ses_variants ezstring Contains the SKU/variant code, name, list price and characteristic for the variants Will be converted to build a variantProductNode data_text

Optional attributes:

Identifier type description standard mapping Stored in
ses_country_of_origin data_text
ses_ean data_text
ses_brand data_text
ses_manufacturer data_text
ses_manfacturer_sku data_text
ses_video data_text
ses_image_list Additional images catalogElement.imageList data_text
ses_max_order_quantity ezinteger The max quantity to be ordered per order catalogElement.maxOrderQuantity data_int
ses_min_order_quantity ezinteger catalogElement.minOrderQuantity data_int
ses_discontinued ezboolean If the product is discontinued, it can be ordered only if stock > 0 Stored in the dataMap data_int