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eZ Studio 2016.04 Release notes

The 16.04 release of eZ Studio is available as of 28 April 2016.

The semantic version of this release is v1.3.0.

For the release notes of the corresponding (and included) eZ Platform release, see eZ Platform 2016.04 Release notes

Changes since 16.02

Summary of changes

  • Included a mechanism for migrating legacy Flow content to eZ Studio Landing Pages.
  • You can now preview and edit previous versions of content in Page mode.

In Page mode a new Versions button in available in the Studio toolbar. Click it to view a list of all versions of the current Content item.

When you point to a Content item in the list, two icons appear. You can choose to view a selected version, or to edit in:

  • Visual change to studio toolbar: addition of a Version button and an Options menu

The Options menu allows you to copy the URL of the current Content item, and to send the item to Trash:

  • You can now send content to Trash directly from Page mode.

Use the new Options menu to send a Content item to trash. You then need to go to Content mode to view and manage items in Trash.

  • When installing, you can now choose Studio with demo content, or a clean installation.

The main meta repository has been split in two: ezstudio with clean installer and ezstudio-demo with demo content. See the Updating eZ Platform guide to learn how to select the repository to update to.

Full list of improvements

Key Summary T
EZEE-679 Xsd Validation for XML files Improvement
EZEE-668 Studio static layout shouldn't have hardcoded base template Task
EZEE-614 is default for notifications Task
EZEE-612 As an administrator I want to have access to every content in eZ Studio Story
EZEE-611 Landing Page field type should have default templates for blocks Task
EZEE-610 As a user I want to have an administrator account in eZ Studio after clean install Story
EZEE-609 As a user I want to have basic content types in eZ Studio after clean install Story
EZEE-587 Timeline / Airtime after automating content Improvement
EZEE-581 As a user, I want to create a new draft of a published landing page which has open drafts Story
EZEE-580 As a user, I want to edit a landing page which has no open drafts Story
EZEE-579 As a user, I want to edit a landing page which has open drafts Story
EZEE-578 As a user, I want to create and publish a new draft, based on an older archived version Story
EZEE-577 As a user, I want to view other versions of my content Story
EZEE-469 As a user, I want to send my content to the trash Story
EZEE-443 As a User, I want the nav-bar to collapse in order to see more of the Page-mode view Improvement
EZEE-408 Increase default upload max image size Task
EZEE-207 As a user I want to save a draft of my new landing pages or delete the draft Story
DEMO-16 As an editor, I want to have 3 siteaccesses by default in the demo Improvement

18 issues

Full list of bugfixes

Key Summary T
EZEE-749 Versions pop-up form vertical scrollbar cannot be dragged by mouse Bug
EZEE-743 Incorrect block drop animation Bug
EZEE-740 eZ Studio language switcher not working Bug
EZEE-736 Tag block height does not always adjust to preview size Bug
EZEE-735 Schedule blocks are not updating when moving timeline slider when previewing content version Bug
EZEE-734 Block preview moves between pages Bug
EZEE-731 Not able to edit block settings when scrolling down the preview in landing page editor Bug
EZEE-730 Landing Page field type name yml configuration Bug
EZEE-728 Version changes its status when switching previews between different versions Bug
EZEE-727 Versions 'Viewing' label is not refreshed after switching between Edit and View mode Bug
EZEE-725 Page blinks when switching between different pages in Studio demo Bug
EZEE-723 Schedule block preview does not work in view mode Bug
EZEE-720 PhpUnit tests don't work Bug
EZEE-719 Unable to see dragged block while dragging from the blocks sidebar Bug
EZEE-718 Unable to preview published version when selecting one from versions popup Bug
EZEE-717 Errors when opening versions popup with less than 5 items in it Bug
EZEE-713 Contextual toolbar is still underneath the action drawer Bug
EZEE-710 White space when in landing page creator Bug
EZEE-709 Incorrect order of loading js files Bug
EZEE-708 Page height is not set correctly after returning to Page mode Bug
EZEE-700 Loading screen not appearing when blocks are being initialized in landing page editor Bug
EZEE-691 LandingPage field types typehint the content service implementation Bug
EZEE-685 Minor typo in Installation instructions Bug
EZEE-670 Ends up in non-existing url after publishing Bug
EZEE-660 Improvement sorting in Schedule Blocks Overflow Bug
EZEE-659 The dark overlay stays after deleting Tag block Bug
EZEE-656 Empty Schedule block preview is generated with a delay Bug
EZEE-654 Landing Page can not be indexed with Solr bundle Bug
EZEE-649 eZ Studio hangs on log out Bug
EZEE-645 Not able to send a content to review when it was published by other user Bug
EZEE-644 Dynamic layout selection pop-up is not loaded Bug
EZEE-642 eZ Studio Schedule block preview does not work in edit mode Bug
EZEE-638 Schedule block menu does not show Bug
EZEE-637 Editing root location of siteaccess edits wrong object Bug
EZEE-605 landing page frozen Bug
EZEE-584 eZ Studio blocks does not preview javascript Bug

36 issues


To update to this version, follow the Updating eZ Platform guide and use v1.3.0 as <version>.

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