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eZ Studio 15.12 Release notes

Product: eZ Studio
Version 15.12 stable
Release date 2015-Dec-15

1. Introduction

It is a great pleasure to present the first eZ Studio 15.12 stable release. Studio 15.12 comes with a new look and feel which brings a whole new user experience. It is simple and modern. With eZ Studio you can maximize user efficiency in the acts of creating, managing and delivering content in a specialized and optimized way.

1.1. What is eZ Studio?

eZ Studio bases on eZ Platform and takes advantage of all of its capabilities. It offers additional features on top of the content repository that allow you to better manage a website built with the Platform.

Those features comprise of page preview and in-page editing, management of rich and complex landing pages including automating the content, editorial workflow and other functionalities specific to online marketers and web editors.

2. Meet the new Studio - major features

2.1. Page mode editing

Page mode editing provides a quick and easy way to create and edit content directly from the page.

Editing in Page mode is facilitated by the Studio toolbar, which boasts the following features:

  • Easily switching between View and Edit mode when editing in-page
  • Creating different types of content: Landing Pages and regular content
  • Quickly copying the URL of a page for previewing in a different browser
  • Previewing the page optimized for devices with various screen sizes

Landing Page editing

2.2. Landing Page management

Landing Page is a special type of page which allows you to freely customize the layout of the zones and employ various blocks. Landing Pages make great, easy-to-build entry points to your website.

Landing Page management allows you to:

  • Choose one of a number of pre-set dynamic page layouts (with the possibility of creating your own)
  • Deploy blocks onto a page using intuitive drag-and-drop operations
  • Choose from a rich selection of blocks (including custom ones):

    • Content List block - displays a list of Content of a selected Type.
    • Banner block - inserts a banner which opens a link when clicked.
    • Embed block - embeds content of any type on a page.
    • Gallery block - displays a set of images using pre-set templates.
    • Keyword block - displays all Content with selected keywords assigned.
    • Marketing Automation form - gathers information about visitors to the page.
    • Places block - creates a list of places with their details.
    • RSS Feed block - automatically loads RSS news channels.

    • Schedule block - makes Content automatically appear on the page at a specified time.

    • Tag block - enters custom HTML into a page.
    • Video block - places a video clip with a player in your Landing Page.

Elements menu

2.3. Timeline and scheduling Content

Timeline allows you to control the changes that will happen to a Landing Page with time.

It is a toolbar you can use to easily jump to any selected point in time and to preview what the page will look like then. In conjunction with the Schedule block you can use it to plan when new Content items will be aired on a page.

2.4. Flex Workflow and reviewing Content

Flex Workflow manages the process of reviewing Content. You can use it to create drafts of your Content and send them for review. Reviewers will receive a notification of your request and will be able to collaborate with you on further versions of the Content item.

Sending content for review

2.5. Studio Demo Bundle

eZ Studio comes with a Demo Bundle which showcases its capabilities on the example of a slick modern website and can serve as an inspiration for your own project.

Sample of the Studio Demo Bundle website

3. Further information


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