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eZ Platform v1.5.0 Release notes

The 1.5.0 release of eZ Platform is available as of September 1st 2016.

For the release notes of the corresponding eZ Studio release, see eZ Enterprise v1.5.0 Release notes

Changes since 1.4.0

For list of issues fixed in 1.5.0 see our issue tracker, below is a list of notable bugs/features/enhancements done in this release.

Backwards Compatibility Warning

We upgraded the versions for Flysystem and Stash. See below for more details.

Version Management

In this version, you have a new tab "Versions" under which you will be able to manage Versions and Drafts.

See the video screencast for a demonstration of this feature.

FullText search with Legacy (SQL) Engine

As part of EZP-25088 FullText indexing is now also working when not using Solr. This will never be as advanced as with Solr, but it provides basic search without setting up Solr.

Preparations for Symfony 3 support

This release has received lots of fixes to remove deprecation warnings when running on Symfony 2.8 to the point where we now have automated testing using Symfony 3.x. These changes will simplify the move to Symfony 3.x later, also for your own custom code as you can now enable full error reporting.

Other notable improvements

  • Languages:
    • EZP-25323: Display Content Type name and Field definition name in the best language according to editor's browser setting.
  • REST:
    • EZP-24853: REST output when failing to save/create a draft has been improved.
    • EZP-26110: Added priority support to OutputVisitor, so that custom ones can be given a higher priority.
    • EZP-26080: REST routes can be registered with a prefix other than "ezp".
    • Browser support:
    • EZP-25725: Upgraded AlloyEditor to v1.2.3 and CK Editor to v4.5.9

    • Platform support:
    • EZP-25676: Upgraded Flysystem to v1.x

      • And took advantage of that to implement EZP-25965: Configurable IO filesystem permissions.
    • EZP-26161: Upgraded Stash Bundle to v0.6 with better Redis support (cluster setup with PHP7)

    • EZP-25942: Improved Windows support with continuous testing on Windows (using AppVeyor)

  • Solr:
    • EZP-26123: Extract facets of all Types
    • Performance:
    • EZP-26071: Download asset binary only if we need to create a variation* *

      • Contribution by Inviqa to improve performance when running eZ Platform on S3
    • Developer Experience:
    • Docker: Added Redis support and some more inline documentation (see doc/ folder)

Full list of changes

For full list of changes see issue list in JIRA:  44 issues


To update to this version, follow the Updating eZ Platform guide and use v1.5.0 as <version>.

New eZ packages in this release

Package name 1.5.0 version
ezplatform-solr-search-engine 1.1.0
ezpublissh-kernel 6.5.0
platform-ui-assets-bundle 3.0.0
repository-forms 1.4.0
platform-ui-bundle 1.5.0
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