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eZ Platform 15.12 Release notes

15.12 is the first stable release of eZ Platform. 

These release notes describe the first stable Fast-Track release of eZ Platform, as compared to the previous one, 15.11.


The ezpublish folder has been renamed to app

The directory that contains the configuration, cache and kernel files had been named ezpublish since release 5.0. After serious consideration, it has been renamed to app, in order to be closer to the standard Symfony distribution.

The default installation data have been cleaned up

Since the removal of the demo in the 2015.11 release, a clean SQL dump is now used to install the system. This dump has been cleaned up, and should now provide you with a very clean basis to start your projects. It contains a few content types (folder, article, image, user group, user), as well as the minimal folders (Content, Media, and Users).

It will be installed when executing php app/console ezplatform:install clean.

Online editor improvements

A new feature made it into the Online Editor: image editing. While the feature is still a bit primitive, it will allow you to embed an image Content item into a richtext field (EZP-25108).

In addition, several issues with the editor were fixed:

  • The "add content" toolbar will show up independently of the focus mode (EZP-24829, EZP-25182), will disappear when the editor loses focus (EZP-25181), and will be rendered correctly in IE11/Edge (EZP-25189)
  • html5edit input with HTML entities is now accepted (EZP-24732)
  • Richtext content can now be published with Firefox (EZP-25161)

Enhanced PlatformUI performances with the combo loader

The assets used by PlatformUI will now be combined into a couple large files. This drastically reduces the amount of HTTP queries required to load the UI, resulting in a much shorter loading time.

Universal discovery widget search interface

A search form has been added to the universal discovery widget. Combined with the tree based navigation, this makes locating content in the tree easier than before.


The REST API views will now include the total number of search hits.


Changes (Stories, Improvements and bug fixes) can be found in our issue tracker:  48 issues  (some are still pending additional documentation changes)

Known issues & upcoming features

List of issues specifically affecting this release:  18 issues

General "Known issues" in Platform stack compared to* Legacy*:  7 issues

Epics tentatively* planned for first stable release:  6 issues

Epics tentatively* planned for first LTS release:  0 issue

'* Some of these features will not be in the stable releases, the once we first and foremost will aim for having in the release are those mentioned on the Roadmap.

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