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eZ Enterprise v1.5.0 Release notes

The v1.5.0 release of eZ Studio is available as of 1st of September 2016.

For the release notes of the corresponding (and included) eZ Platform release, see eZ Platform v1.5.0 Release notes

Changes since v1.4.0

Summary of changes

Major changes in this release centered around Landing Page improvements, see the full list below.

Full list of improvements

Key Summary T
EZEE-871 As a developer, I want to be able to add new item to the draft action menu Improvement
EZEE-861 As a developer I would like to customize rendering of block config popup and block action menu Improvement
EZEE-839 Improvements in Schedule Blocks Improvement
EZEE-816 Send for review landing pages in Page mode Story
EZEE-748 As a user I would like to see the loading screen covering whole app Story
EZEE-712 As a developer I would like to extend the blocks toolbar with new blocks with custom UI interface Story
EZEE-546 Update the styling on Landing Page + Content buttons when clicking "Create" Improvement
EZEE-534 As a user, I want to be able to navigate to a specific time on the timeline Improvement
EZEE-533 Improve the selection and dragging of timeline slider Improvement
EZEE-525 Drag & Drop feature improvement - Landing page blocks Improvement
EZEE-524 Add space between blocks' borders Improvement
EZEE-491 Dropped element on invalid area animates back to original position Improvement
EZEE-334 No indicator on the timeline despite changes on the page Story

13 issues

Full list of bugfixes

Key Summary T
EZEE-912 Cannot create new Landing Page or edit existing Bug
EZEE-891 eZ Studio blocks menu displaces when placing a video block Bug
EZEE-884 The loading screen does not hide when publishing content fails Bug
EZEE-881 Wrong Content Types in Content List block Bug
EZEE-872 Schedule block preview does not update in Edit mode when using Full list Bug
EZEE-870 User profile logout item is not visible (partly covered) Bug
EZEE-869 Application hangs when switching from Edit mode to dashboard Bug
EZEE-864 Incorrect blocks order when drop new block above embed block Bug
EZEE-863 Landing page editor tries to refresh the preview when no timeline is visible Bug
EZEE-860 Schedule block height does not updated correctly when removing items Bug
EZEE-849 Mouse pointer strange behaviour related to timeline slider Bug
EZEE-847 Content item disappears from Full list after changing airtime Bug
EZEE-843 Strange preview behaviour when trying to drag and drop a tag block above an empty schedule block Bug
EZEE-841 EzRecommendationBundle v1.0.1 PHP version requirements Bug
EZEE-796 A new install adds "random" policies to new roles Bug
EZEE-793 Send to review error after fresh database install Bug
EZEE-761 The timeline don't show overflow changes on the indicator lists Bug

17 issues


To update to this version, follow the Updating eZ Platform guide and use v1.5.0 as <version>.

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