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eZ Enterprise v1.4 Release notes

The v1.4.0 release of eZ Enterprise is available as of 30 June 2016. (We've simplified version names.)

For the release notes of the corresponding (and included) eZ Platform release, see eZ Platform v1.4.0 Release notes

Changes since 2016.04

Summary of changes

This release focused on bug fixing and optimization, and the developer effort was concentrated on features that are included in eZ Platform. Thus, no major Studio-specific features appear in this version.

Significant improvements include:

  • v1.0.0 of RecommendationBundlereleased
  • Schedule block algorithm improved
  • Landing Page-related usability fixes

Full list of improvements and bugfixes

Key Summary T
EZEE-828 Duplicated entry in assetic configuration leads to css 404 problems on linux machines Bug
EZEE-817 Incorrect header in block settings Bug
EZEE-814 UnauthorizedException indexing user content object with Recommendation Bundle Bug
EZEE-810 Not able to set the cursor in the middle of string in any input of block config form Bug
EZEE-809 Content disappears from Schedule Block timeline when editing a published landing page Bug
EZEE-807 Schedule Block - remove unnecessary DateTime format Bug
EZEE-800 Content item preview disappears after turning overflow on Bug
EZEE-799 Schedule Block new algorithm implementation Story
EZEE-794 Notifications pop-up page number field size Bug
EZEE-790 Use view interface in Studio Demo controllers Improvement
EZEE-788 Cannot log in as users other than admin Bug
EZEE-780 The UI does not seem to handle many input fields there is no way to scroll the block config field Bug
EZEE-779 Schedule block problem with removing and adding once again the same Item Bug
EZEE-778 Schedule block issue with removing content item when some item was added again Bug
EZEE-776 Problem with access to setting in second and next block in one zone Bug
EZEE-773 Content issues with studio demo data Bug
EZEE-772 404 response code from Flex Workflow endpoint Bug
EZEE-770 Schedule grid doesn't display properly in eZ Studio Bug
EZEE-769 Some blocks have not existing view types in clean studio Bug
EZEE-764 When clicking on Content Tree I cannot see it Bug
EZEE-762 eZStudio 2016.04 (1.3) installation from tarball doesn't work Bug
EZEE-752 Overflow target schedule block changes are shifted by one Bug
EZEE-699 Not required empty block field prevents submission of configure popup Bug
EZEE-698 Landingpage block popup not displaying correctly Bug
EZEE-697 Accessing other content_types than landing pages in eZ Studio pages on a siteaccess with tree_root, broken Bug
EZEE-696 Siteaccess selection broken, in Page tab, with custom tree_root setting Bug
EZEE-679 Xsd Validation for XML files Improvement
EZEE-670 Ends up in non-existing url after publishing Bug
EZEE-653 Add a Gallery content type in the Media content type group Story
EZEE-628 Schedule always shows all blocks, including future ones Bug
EZEE-569 Settings form of RSS block has got broken layout Bug
EZEE-535 Change color of slot indicator to match border color Improvement
EZEE-445 Hide the Landing Page field type on Landing Page Content in content view Improvement

33 issues


To update to this version, follow the Updating eZ Platform guide and use v1.4.0 as <version>.

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