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This page explains how to quickly install and set up eZ Platform for development.


To quickly install eZ Platform, you need a Linux machine with PHP and MySQL installed.

For more details see Full requirements.


To install eZ Platform you need Composer and git on your system. You also need to create a database.

composer create-project --keep-vcs ezsystems/ezplatform . ^1
php app/console ezplatform:install clean

For more details see Install eZ Platform.

Run eZ Platform

To run eZ Platform on the built-in PHP server:

php app/console server:run

The command will output the address of the development server. Add /ez to access the Back Office. The default Administrator login is admin with password publish.

Project structure

eZ Platform is a Symfony app and follows the project structure used by Symfony.

For more details see Structuring a bundle.

First steps

See First steps for common first tasks on a clean eZ Platform installation.